1987-1988 – Janiece Buck-Campbell

Looking Back

It seems just like yesterday we were working to organize TCWSE, and here we are reflecting on what has happened in the past 30 years of the organization. I was very fortunate to serve with the women who were fearlessly blazing a trail for the future of Texas school women executives.

Mentoring Women Leaders

Our most important task at that time was encouraging and supporting women to move into leadership positions. We furnished both national and state leadership to share with younger, less experienced women. I particularly loved mentoring aspiring women administrators enrolled in my university leadership classes, in addition to women school leaders I encountered through my consulting work in districts across the state.

There were those who mentored me along the way also, but I need to give special recognition to Dr. Nolan Estes. He saw something that I did not see in myself while I was a doctoral student. He urged me to accept the TCWSE Presidency to strengthen my leadership skills. Of course Dr. Estes was always right!

Dr. William Kirby, Texas Commissioner of Education, was another important influence for me. While I worked at the Texas Education Agency, Dr. Kirby took special interest in those of us in the doctoral program at the University of Texas and served as our mentor. I will always remember a social function at the end of my doctoral program when Dr. Kirby took me aside and said he knew I would do well and then urged me to go out and do great things for kids!

Our Moral Imperative

As Texas women school executives, we all have the opportunity and the obligation to mentor and encourage other aspiring leaders. Look around to see those who have helped you, and then look to see who you can help in turn.

Looking back, I am grateful for those who helped me along the way. Thank you!

May God bless each of you.


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