1989-1990 – Susan Sclafani

Context of the Times

In 1980s, TCWSE was in its early phase with fewer than five women superintendents and lack of standing with TASA. We worked hard to communicate to both male and female administrators that we were there to support and build the profession. We opened our receptions to AASA members, both male and female, and provided an inclusive message about our mission.

Goals and Accomplishments

My goals were to grow the organization and develop respect for its purpose and its members. I am proud of our accomplishments that year. I think the organization was very important in sending a message to women that they could be effective administrators and partners with their male colleagues. It still needs to serve that function and probably will well into the future. While we have seen the number and proportion of women in the principalship grow, we have not seen the proportional representation in the superintendency grow nearly as much.


I remember fondly our summer conferences for the quality of the speakers we brought in as well as the wonderful women I got to know. It is a tribute to Dr. Nolan Estes that he nurtured the organization from its very beginnings throughout his years at University of Texas. He was a wonderful mentor to us all!


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