2007-2008 – Viviana Lopez

Presidential Reflection

I was president of TCWSE in 2007-2008 after serving as a regional representative for Regions 20 and 12 for a few years. What attracted me to the organization was the collegiality that I value and cherish. I felt that when I joined the organization I found a home that offered me support and pushed me to continue growing.

Presidential Focus and Accomplishment

At the same time, I noticed that TCWSE needed to extend itself and grow to be more inclusive of members that represented me as a Hispanic, and a minority. I felt such pride to be the first Hispanic president of this organization and my goal has been and will continue to be to provide opportunities to all women and ensuring that we reflect our diverse world. That is why the theme of our conference when I was in charge of designing it and later presiding over it was about building and connecting our leadership communities. As an organization, TCWSE has grown in that arena, and I am glad and proud to have been influential in bringing the attention needed to that important matter.




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