2012-13 – Denise Daniels

Organizational Context

During the start of my tenure the State of Texas and education was in flux. It was the first time in history when district funding was in jeopardy. My school district experienced months of turmoil and hard decision making. As we planned for the conference of 2012 our fear was reduced budgets and lack of district funding for members to attend the conference. Sponsors were not as able to fund as much as previous years. We stayed the course, remained positive and promoted and encourage membership.

Goals and Accomplishments

There were seven specific goals during my tenure. The first was to increase membership. This pressing goal was the life of the organization. For several years we had watched our membership decline and conference attendance waver. Our efforts to grow resulted in an increased membership in 2011 and an increased attendance to the 2012 conference.

A part of this success was due to work on the other goals. Our second goal was to establish professional networking connections that created interest and support for our conference success. In our third goal, we worked to provide speakers and presenters for the conference who were relevant to our TCWSE mission.

Our next goals were about communication with the creation of a Facebook page and guidelines for social media. And finally, a committee was appointed to write a vision statement for TCWSE. We were pleased to market TCWSE with a “photo ready” advertisement to promote our mission! Getting the word out to our members and reaching others were important accomplishments.

Favorite Memories

One of the most outstanding memories I have is the Silver Anniversary conference when we had the dedication to Dawn Youdan and we filled out goals and hung them on the
tree. I feel it brought us all together and we realized what we can accomplish as a whole.

A Look to the Future

TCWSE has always had high standards for excellence, and its members are known as professional educators first, and women second. TCWSE will continue to motivate and generate quality professional women in education.


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